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Process Management Certification:

ISO 20000/ISO 27001 authentication

Company Certification of Qualification:

MIIT ISP license plate (ISP、MPLSIDCCloud)
Certificate of High and New Technology Enterprise

A variety of products agency Qualification:

Fortinet agent/Vmware enterprise certification/DELL/HP/CISCO/H3C

VEEAM/Redhat/Bluecoat/HUA WEI

Cloud resource agency Qualification:

Azure cloud/Office365/Ali cloud/AWS cloud/HUA WEI cloud/Tencent cloud

Employee Certification:



上海飞络信息科技有限公司(英文名称Flyingnets)主要从事上云咨询服务,现有构架调研服务,云构架设计及迁移设计服务,混合云搭建、WAN搭建服务 ,数据上云迁移服务,MSP云自动化运维管理服务等。
Flyingnets “飞络”服务团队,致力打破ISP与SI服务商之间的壁垒,为客户提供标准、安全、可靠的方案与服务。
公司方向:CADS (C云,A自动化,D数字化,S安全)
Operation and maintenance management system based on ITIL standard

Shanghai Flyingnets Information Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company Idea:

Working on being an excellent provider for IT service.

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